About This Motha’

Jana Rose, RYT, MA, Intimacy and Love Coach, Writer, and Yoga Teacher, is a professor in Kinesiology at Temple University, and has worked in academia for a number of years teaching writing and literature. She is a published author whose work has appeared in a range of publications such as WHYY, The Huffington Post, and Philadelphia Stories. In addition to hosting workshops on intimacy and deeper connection for couples and individuals, she speaks publicly about the interconnection on spirituality and sensuality as a Quaker minister and reiki healer. She works with individuals, couples, and businesses to help people form closer connections to themselves and access universal intelligence in order to form deeper relationships with one another. In addition to intimacy work, Jana operates a small business helping entrepreneurs write exceptional content for print and web through Jana Rose Creative Services. She is currently working on a book for teenage girls about acting in love and empowerment. She is the mother of three children and loyal subject to a cat named Ms. Myra Mason. You can learn more about Jana’s intimacy work by visiting www.motherjanacoaching.com, or reading her spirituality blog, www.motherjana.com.

Contact with further questions: janamarierose79@gmail.com / 610 304 9007.