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Responses to Embodiment and Intimacy Coaching:

“Jana has a vigilance to make the world a better place, one relationship at a time. A valuable support system for women, Jana boldly dives below the surface level of social nuances and vets the soul to aid in the release of a client’s understanding of her own self worth. Jana taps into primal wisdom rarely seen in the world today, working to bind us in connection as human beings and thrive in healthy and, most importantly, loving ways.” –Elizabeth Rago, owner of MDWCares.com

Through this program I am learning to deconstruct unhealthy beliefs about my body and myself as a sexual being. I am learning to accept all aspects of myself, even those I was told to hide due to a conservative upbringing, and reclaim my full power as a strong, intelligent woman.” —Lynne (name changed for privacy)

“I found that the Rieki that I do on myself which Jana showed me is really helpful! I use it every night before I go to sleep. Her support and love has been extremely fortifying for me. I can’t recommend this wonderful woman angel enough!” –Shari Rosenthal

“I began my healing journey with Jana a month ago and have so appreciated her support and insight. Our journey together dovetails with my recovery work for an eating disorder I have had for 35 years. As I have learned to accept my body through the program and all its capabilities and wisdom, Jana has helped me to embrace deeper levels of healing, including sexual healing. This has led to deeper appreciation and satisfaction in my embodied state. I have rejoiced in dancing again, embraced kundalini yoga, and found great sexual freedom with my partner. I look forward to our continued journey together!”
-Ani Dodi

About Jana Rose, Quaker Minister, Yogi, Spiritual Teacher:

Jana is a woman of many gifts. She is part creative goddess, part spiritual warrior, part loving mother and all heart.” –Kerri Schuster

“I have known Jana for many years, and we have spent a lot of time together talking about books, spirituality, relationships, and life in general.  I know her to be a passionate and discerning person, committed to seeking out truth in the world.” –Kristin Simmons

Jana is one go the most well read people I know. She can have 3 different books going on at the same time. But other than that she very intelligent, a great writer, very creative, quite passionate, determined, very brave, loves to travel and is very independent.” –Carol, Jana’s mom

Jana is both a lover and a fighter. And being the operative word when describing this woman. She is strong with steely resolve and breathtakingly vulnerable with an open heart. I’ve known and loved this lady for over 20 years and her constant evolution as a person, woman, friend, mother, teacher, and writer is inspiring. Jana is not an either/or, stay in your lane, only this/never that, all or nothing person. She is an all-inclusive package of ideas and opinions and questions thrown in with a firm moral code and a flexible, open mind. To borrow a phrase from the long-ago ‘90’s era: Jana is all that and a bag of chips! And, who doesn’t love chips?!?”  –Katie McGraw

For as long as I have known Jana, her intuition and inquisitive nature has made her wise beyond her years. Her passion for the feminine energy has created a deep desire to make this world a more peaceful place, especially for young girls and women who lack strong female role models. But her desire does not stop there! She also hopes to help men empower and understand the true power of the females in their lives. Above all else she has been my loyal friend for over 30 years.” –Vanessa Adams

Jana is contemplation, inquiry, and warmth. She’s like a little monk sitting next to a campfire. And she usually has S’mores. And she has better earrings than most monks I know.” –David Franklin

“Jana is the kind of friend who can truly listen without judging, support without shaming and yet still offer her opinion in a way that never feels threatening.  She is like the color red – bold, bright, positive, warm and impossible to ignore. Her unique energy and way of viewing the world are refreshing and represent what truly defines us as individuals.” –Susannah Horner

Mommy is nice and generous. She loves to read, sleep, and eat cheese and crackers.” –Maddie, 10

Photo by Anita Peeples on Unsplash